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A sagging stomach is hard to lose. Even with diet and exercise the unattractive appearance of your abdomen due to stretch and separated muscles, inelastic skin and excessive fat persists. This often leaves us uncomfortable with our middle section, devising new ways to hide, cover and disguise through clothes and accessories while wondering what the next step is.



An Abdominoplasty re-contours your abdomen making it noticeably flatter and more trim.  Dr. Goodkind tightens stretched and separated muscles, removes excess skin and fat.  He pays special attention to making your belly button more attractive, an “innie” that enhances the entire look of your abdomen.


  • Excess skin around the abdomen and waist due to aging, weight loss or pregnancy.
  • A prominent bulge around the tummy.
  • Patients who are looking to contour their bodies in a way that can’t be solved by simple liposuction or exercise.


  • This procedure is done under general anesthesia and Dr. Goodkind requires an overnight stay, patients are discharged within 23 hours of the surgery.
  • This procedure does require attention to the healing process and limits most physical activities for about 2 weeks. This limits the minimal risk involved with this surgery.
  • The post operative recovery is moderately uncomfortable for a few days, but this is easily treated with analgesics.
  • You will need to change your post-surgery dressings. Click here for a step-by-step guide.
  • Results are remarkable and seen immediately.
  • The low lying curvilinear scar is easily hidden by a bathing suit, underwear, or today’s fashions.