Though I may be a person who tends to fall short when staying on top of fashion trends and styles, this season I am on point and bragging! Vogue magazine and I are on the same page when it comes to springs most fabulous find; Camouflage. Whether it is the silver Stewart Weitzman sneaks or Brave belt I’ve been rocking, no one can call me frumpy. My goal this season is to take it to the next level with Camouflage. Complaint of the week (or story of my life)….dark circles under the eyes. Day in and day out, my patients are looking for a way to brighten up their tired eyes and be rid of their retched rings. My go to treatment is twofold, and camo is the name of the game. First, let’s address the hollow troughs. Under eye dermal fillers, Restylane Silk preferably, can be carefully injected to reveal a smoother more feminine look, masking the presence of a sunken shadow. Lasting 6-8 months in some cases, it can be a relatively long lasting fix to a troublesome issue. If fillers aren’t for you, or you are looking to spruce up a fabulously filled under eye, Jane Iredale Enlighten under eye concealer goes on silky smooth to give your eyes a glow that will be sure to turn heads.  And there you have it my friends, camo just jumped off the pages of Vogue from fashion trend to facial friend!

fuzion-portraits-Suzanne-Spagna By Suzanne Spagna


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