The most important thing to consider when choosing a plastic surgeon is his or her ability to best complement your wants and needs. Dr. David Goodkind created FUZION with the individual in mind. You should feel confident that your surgeon has taken the time to understand you and how you will benefit from a surgical procedure.

Dr. David Goodkind suggests 5 simple tips for ensuring you are choosing a plastic surgeon who understands you:

  1. Start by gathering several photos of yourself and look them over. Make a list of your observations and physical characteristics that you would like to improve.
  2. Search for plastic surgeons who interest you and are board certified by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. You can start by asking friends or looking online. Make a list of 2-3 surgeons you particularly liked and begin researching their procedures in-depth. It is important to become familiar with their techniques, results and terminology.
  3. Interview the surgeon you feel best complements what you are looking for. Express your concerns and ask lots of questions. Use this time to gain a sense of whether you and the plastic surgeon share similar perspectives about your motivations.
  4. Ask to see as many before and after photos as possible. Ask how you may or may not differ from those patients. Be sure to understand all aspects of the procedure including recovery time and possible complications.
  5. Be sure to understand the financial commitment to the procedure should you decide to go ahead with the plastic surgeon of your choice.

You should be prepared to seek additional consultations if you are anyway uncomfortable until you find a plastic surgeon who shares the same values as you.