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Everyone ages differently, but most will notice the first signs of aging with the loss of facial volume. Injectable fillers and BOTOX will be the right initial beauty solution for them. Others may notice their elasticity is not what it used to be and are ready for a more aggressive beauty step with one of our mini or full rhytidectomy. The amount of surgery suggested is determined by the extent of structural change which is causing your aged appearance.

At FUZION, we focus on the right amount of lift for your individual face. Dr. Goodkind offers both a mini and a full rhytidectomy lift based on your particular wants and needs.



A properly performed rhytidectomy will rejuvenate your look by repositioning the cheek mounds, tightening the underlying muscular support systems, and removing excess fat and skin. Face lifts can be either “mini” or “full”. A mini face lift requires less surgical dissection to achieve the desired result and is tailored for the less aged face.


  • Increased sagging of face or neck.
  • Loss of elasticity in the lower face or neck.
  • Handles drooping and sagging of mid to lower face and neck.
  • Excessive fat in neck.


Rhytidectomy are done under general or local anesthesia.
  • Either procedure should result in a very natural, refreshed look with surgical incisions that will be hard to identify.
  • There may be minimal bruising and swelling with mild discomfort.
  • After approximately two weeks, you’ll feel and look presentable.