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What is a FUZION Vibrant Facial?

Our Vibrant Facial is our Essential Fuzion Facial taken to the next level. It brightens the complexion by removing lack-luster dry skin with the noninvasive Skin Medica® Illuminize Peel.This treatment blends the best of both worlds to create outstanding results; an ideal solution for an upcoming event, special occassion or when you just need a vibrant glow!

What is it reccommended for?

The Vibrant Facial is suitable for all skin types, except extremely sensitive.  It is especially designed for individuals with mild imperfections or those who wish to brighten the overall appearance of their skin with minimal downtime.  This treatment also works well as a monthly maintenance program.

What to expect:

  • This luxe facial is customized to your individual concerns. Our aesthetician will fully analyze your skin and discuss any skin concerns to see if this is the appropriate treatment for you.
  • After a double cleanse, a relaxing facial massage is performed to help improve circulation to your skin. If needed, your pores will be cleansed of any impurities, followed by a gentle exfoliant to remove any cellular build-up. A treatment masque is applied while enjoying a pampering hand and foot massage.
  • Following your pampering facial, our aesthetician will prepare your skin for the Skin Medica® Illuminize Peel by cleansing and applying a prepping solution.  Once the peeling solution is applied, you may feel a slight tightening or warming sensation which generally subsides after five minutes.
  • A protective sunscreen or moisturizer may be applied to complete the treatment.  Your aesthetician may instruct you to avoid washing your face or applying makeup for a minimum of two hours.
  • Our aesthetician will prescribe a treatment plan with our unique medical-grade products tailored to your skin’s needs to give you the best results possible.