Youth is always in style and fabulous never fades. In a world where we have access to cutting edge medicine and technology to preserve our looks in their prime, why not take advantage? My most pressing question from patients these days seems to be, “When do I start?” The answer, my friends, in this moment, today….now. My goal as an aesthetic practitioner is to capture the elements of beauty and youth that are present in every patient and accentuate them. Less is more and natural is key. Take, for instance, a young woman in her late twenties or early thirties. Many would say she is too young to take advantage of non-invasive plastic surgery….My response is nonsense! Imagine a young lady, who presents with a round face, making her appear heavier than she really is. Why ADD filler to what appears to be an already full face? Proportion. Using dermal filler, like Voluma XC, to build subtle cheek bone structure will actually make that patient look thinner, more feminine and inevitably more outwardly beautiful. As the late Harry Winston once said, “ People will stare. Make it worth their while.”

fuzion-portraits-Suzanne-SpagnaWritten by:
Suzanne Spagna


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